The Evolution of Mara Dyer Book review

Hey guys, So I finished this book maybe a month ago so this is not going to be the best review. So first off I have to say I give this book about 4 out of 5 bubbles. This book was a big cliff hanger. To be honest I wanted to burn the book after I read it. I am so mad at the ending. I can’t not wait to see what Michelle Hodkin is going to write in the 3 book of the Trilogy. I really like how she writes because she always has me at the edge of my seat. I was almost scared some of the time I read it. I am going to reread the series because I think I missed a lot because I read them so fast. So I have to do another book report and I was going to do this book but I don’t know if i should because my teacher is going to give us our assignments after Christmas break….so yeah. Anyways…Happy reading 
Bubbles ❤ 


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