The Uglies Book review

I went into this book kinda knowing what it was about. I mean like I guess the ending and i was right. Why I read this book is because I was in class and i needed a book to read and i had to barrow a book from my teacher and The Uglies was the only book that look good so I started to read it and fell in love so i asked my teacher to barrow it and she said yes. I read it in 2-4 days. My brother also told me that I would have to read it in my Freashman year of Highschool. So i thought hey why not read it now. I would give this book 5 out of 5 bubbles. I love that whole story line of this books. I can’t wait to to get the rest of the series. I also would like to read Shays POV book. The whole idea is just amazing. I really enjoyed reading this book.
Happy Reading,
Bubbles ❤ 

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