Bubble Blabber

Hey Readers,
So I have been reading Trapped by Michael Northrop. Sorry I haven’t up dated in a while. I just went back to school from winter break. I don’t think I will be able to purchase many books this year because I might be going to Boston with my school and it is a lot of money. Right now I haven’t read much because I have to do a book report on Eve. I also have a lot of homework ,but I hope to read a lot. The next book I think I am going to read is either…
1. Speak (finish it I already started it but had stopped)
2. The Maze Runner (Finish)
3. Linger (Finish also)
4) The Mark of Athena (Start)
5) Schools out — Forever (Start)
6) Clockwork Prince (Start)
Happy reading,
Bubbles <;3
P.S. Sydney don't forget Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares
P.P.S Comment what book I should read next of any above that I have mentioned!


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