Lockdown Book Review

I have to be honest. This book scared me a little, it was very graphic. Which I like most of the time. I would give this book 4 out of 5 bubbles. The book is about Alex a teenage boy who is taken to and underground prison for teens, but Furnace is not like any other prison. Alexander Gordon Smith takes you into a world where your nightmares seem to come alive and there is no Escape. Imagine being in a prison where at any moment a lockdown can happen and every time you go to sleep you might be taken away in the dead of night with nobody to save you. Everyday you have to do hard work labor and for breakfast lunch and dinner you get a scoop of luke warm mush. Not to mention the murderous gangs. That could kill you at any moment and the guards won’t care or stop them. Is there a way out? Or is Alex stuck there forever?

Happy reading,


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