TAG: This or That + 100th Blog Post!

Hello Readers, I’m doing a TAG today and it is my 100th post!

1. Audio or book in hand?
Both, I read both and like both.

2. Softcover or hardback?

3. Fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction all the way!

4. Fantasy world or real life issues?
Real life issues

5. Harry Potter or Twilight
Harry Potter even though I have only read the first one!

6. Kindle, iPad, or other?
I own a kindle but I use my iPhone with a app called Scribd.

7. Borrow or Buy?
Both, I go to the library but I really like the book I will buy it.

8. Bookstore or online?
Bookstore a 100% expect for book outlet.

9. Tell me one time or total trilogy?
I love stand alones.

10. Monster read or short and sweet?
In the middle.

11. Starry eye romance or full action?
A mix of the two.

12. Curl up in your snuggie or bathe in the sun?
Bathe in the sun.

13. Hot cocolate or latte?

14. Read the review or decide for your self?
I don’t really read reviews unless I have read the book.

Happy Reading,
Bubbles ❤


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