Book Report: Marie-Laure

Hello my name is Marie-Laure. I live in Paris, France with my father. My father works at a museum where I spend most of my time. I went on a tour where we learned about the Sea Of Flames. A large raw diamond thought to have healing powers with a curse. Everyone that has came into contact with this jewel has had all of their love ones die in front of them. The last known owner the duke who locked it up in the museum for 200 years. After learning about the sea of flames a month later I became blind at the age of 6. I will never be able to see again. For my 7th birthday my father builds a model of our town for me to memorize so I can get around. After a while of studying the model. Father takes me on a walk spins me 3 times then tells me to lead us home with him right behind me. Is he crazy? I can’t do that. I get us lost multiple times until finally I get it. Being blind makes everything very hard even day to day life. Most of the time I do not want to leave my bed. Then my father buys me my first braille novel. They are very expensive so I get one a year. I read them over and over again till they are worn out. I take them everywhere with me. Being blind in a time like this is scary. I over hear talking about the Nazis taking handicap people and killing them. Boys have also came up to me telling me how the Nazis like bind girls and they make them do bad things. Being Blind sucks and dealing with it can be a pain.

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