Movie Review: Eddie The Eagle

Hello Readers,

This is my first movie review of 2016! I hope you like and I’m sorry it is up a day late.

I took my little brother to go see this movie because he enjoys going to movies. I wasn’t to sure if he would understand what was going on, but he enjoyed it a lot. Basically it is about a boy/ man who everyone tells he will never be an athlete, but all Eddie ha ever dreamed of is becoming an Olympian in the winter games. After he is cut from the British ski team, he sets his mind to become a ski jumper. He travels to Germany to train. There he meets Bronson Peary a former ski jumper who now works a snow plow and is a drunk. Bronson starts to clean up his act and help Eddie go to the Olympics. I absolutely loved this movie both my mom and I cried. I loved the story and the acting. I would definitely recommend, I give it 5 out of 5 bubbles!

Happy Reading (or watching),
Bubbles ❤


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